Sibling Conflict Online Course


What if you could use the inevitable conflict between your kids to actually strengthen their relationship? It IS possible! This 5-session online course will help you guide your kids from bickering to bonding.

Take the Individual course (video access only) now or, gather some friends, and take the course as a small group.

As a 501c3 non-profit Christian ministry, we take great care to price resources that are accessible while also covering our basic costs. We are able to offer no-questions-asked scholarships to our online courses because of our generous Donor Team.

Conflict is normal…

And the way kids learn to get through it either prepares them for a life of constructive conflict resolution, or not.

These five sessions that will transform the way you think about conflict forever:

  • Session 1: Getting “Unstuck” from Sibling Conflict
  • Session 2: Taking the Step from Crazy Mountain to Calm
  • Session 3: Building Understanding Around Sibling Conflict
  • Session 4: Facilitating True Conflict Resolution
  • Session 5: The Superpower of Celebration