The Entitlement Fix for Small Groups


This is the Small Group version of The Entitlement Fix. Purchase individual access here

  • LEADERS, purchase a license for each household in your group from 3 to 15. 
  • Large group? Contact us to discuss a customized rate.
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Learn more about the course in the description section below.

4-session online course to help you grow hard work and gratitude in your kids.

Infants are naturally entitled to have all their needs met by you and don’t have to say thank you. Adults are not.

That transition from healthy infant entitlement to healthy adult interdependence has always been difficult.

You are not alone in this struggle, and neither are your kids! Teaching responsibility and gratitude is possible.

You will gain…

  • A new vision for your family
  • Practical tools you can implement today
  • Peace to replace the anxiety
  • A biblically grounded strategy for wise responses
  • A Lasting Fix!

Small Group Leaders:

Purchase a license based on the number of households in your group. As the leader, you will receive an email with the following:

  • Leaders Guide, with tips on how to run a small group.
  • Promotional Materials, including a video, poster, and images to help you market The Entitlement small group to others.
  • Workbook – Everyone in your group needs a copy of the workbook. Download and print out copies before your first meeting or have participants download their own copy from within the course.
  • Registration Link for Group Members This link prompts members to register for the class and has them set up their own account on the community website. They will have access to all the videos and content for the course, even after your class has finished meeting.
Small Group Size

2-5 households, 6-10 households, 11-15 households