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Before you send a support request, you might want to see if any of these common solutions help you.

  1. If you know you are enrolled and logged in, but you’re getting messages that you’re not logged in or enrolled, try clearing your browser cache. You may also want to reboot your device after clearing your cache, before revisiting the site. (Specific instructions for Android mobile devices, Chrome on desktop, Safari on mobile device, or Safari on desktop.)
  2. If you’re not able to see the videos, check any parental controls, firewalls, or filters you might have set up. Parental controls are wonderful things, but you may need to whitelist our site in order to view the videos.
  3. If you’re getting a 404 error message for a certain page (such as the shopping cart or your courses page), we haven’t deleted the page! Try refreshing the page and see if it comes back. If not, let us know. We are aware of this problem and are working on fixing it.

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No problem! We’re working hard to make this site a warm and helpful community, but sometimes things don’t work. We’d love to hear from you, so we can get things fixed and working again.

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