The Power of Questions Online Course


Take the Individual course (video access only) now or, gather some friends, and take the course as a small group.

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Less Arguing. More Wisdom.

A 4-session online course that teaches you how to stop arguing with your child and cultivate wisdom by asking thoughtful and curious questions.

Why does everything have to be a fight?

It’s exhausting, isn’t it? From daily chores (taking out the garbage & feeding the dog) to bigger life-defining decisions (friend choice, drinking, school work) most parents dread engaging in power struggles with their children.

It leads to discontent, lack of respect, distanced relationships; and often more nagging from parents. The nagging isn’t cultivating wisdom, is it? But how do you stop the constant arguing?

In this course you will learn the art of asking questions that build internal wisdom and character in your kids, and create a culture of teamwork in your family.