Sibling Conflict for Small Groups


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  • LEADERS, purchase a license for each household in your group from 3 to 15. 
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Think Back With Us…

Did you imagine your kids would be best friends with a house full of laughter, fun, and cute memory-making moments?

And yet, here you are, struggling with constant fighting, badgering, and teasing. 

You know your kids are capable of a close relationship. But even with all your effort, you feel like you are getting nowhere. And sometimes, you wonder if you are making things worse.

What if you could use the inevitable conflict between your kids to actually strengthen their relationship? It IS possible!

Small Group Leaders…

Purchase a license based on the number of households in your group. As the leader, you will receive an email with the following:

  • Leaders Guide, with tips on how to run a small group.
  • Promotional Materials, including a video, poster, and images to help you market the Sibling Conflict small group to others.
  • Workbook – Everyone in your group needs a copy of the workbook. Download and print out copies before your first meeting or have participants download their own copy from within the course.
  • Registration Link for Group Members This link prompts members to register for the class and has them set up their own account on the community website. They will have access to all the videos and content for the course, even after your class has finished meeting.

Additional information

Small Group Size

2-5 households, 6-10 households, 11-15 households

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