Sensitive & Intense Kids


Navigating Parenting Challenges with Purpose and Hope

Sometimes parenting one particular child presents extra challenges. As our most comprehensive course ever, this 7-session course will give you compelling information that will transform how you see your sensitive and intense kids. You will feel equipped to care for your child by approaching their challenges through the lens of their nervous system and not just from a behavioral standpoint.

When you meet the sensory needs of your child, it enables you to focus on forming deep bonds of connection instead of just striving for conflict management. Parenting a sensitive and intense child is actually an amazing gift when we see their potential and build their identity around God’s grace and truth in their lives.



What’s in the course?

This course is broken down into seven “sessions” — each session containing 3-4 videos, extra resources, and questions to guide your learning process. The seven sessions are:

  1. Why Is My Child Struggling?
  2. Healing Responses for Conflicts & Outbursts
  3. Our Framework Applied to Sensitive, Intense Kids
  4. How Does Sensory Function Affect Behavior?
  5. Sensory and Movement Strategies
  6. Attachment, Play and Healing Shame
  7. Equip Kids to Regulate Energy and Emotions

EXTRAS: Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life

What are the two options for taking the course?

Video Access Only

  • You will have video access and the online course pages for the entire course for you to go through by yourself.
  • A printable PDF of the course workbook

Community & Support

  • Everything in the Video Access Only option, plus…
  • Daily comment moderation and encouragement by a skilled parent coach to answer questions (resourced by Lynne and Lydia)
  • Weekly emails with extra encouragement
  • Six live Q&As by Lynne and Lydia
  • An ongoing private Facebook Group

Additional information


Video Access Only, Community & Support

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