Sensitive & Intense Kids


Don’t keep moving in the direction you’re heading now. This course replaces your frustration with purpose and hope. Learn how to move out of the STRESS CYCLE and into a HEALING CYCLE. The difference between the two is a game changer.

This course covers all 4 levels of the Framework with an emphasis on Connect and Coach.

Take the Individual course now or, gather some friends, and take the course as a small group.

What’s in the course?

Our 7-session online course is your map through the complexities of nurturing a child who experiences life intensely. Whether your child has a diagnosis or is uniquely intense, this course is here to support, guide, and equip you.

Dive into sessions that offer:

  • A foundation of faith that heals and uplifts
  • Science-backed insights into your child’s unique experience
  • A trauma-sensitive approach for children’s complex emotions
  • An array of practical, real-life solutions with insight from parents just like you