Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life*


Kids need routine. We know this, but some kids need it even more. And some kids struggle with it. If you have a child that struggles with transitions, or just seems to resist the routines that work for your other kids, the Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life online course is for you. Set your child, and yourself, up for success with rhythms in four key areas: bedtimes, screens, chores, and meals.

*if you’re enrolled in our Sensitive & Intense Kids online course, you already have access to this course. You’ll find it under “My Courses” on the Learning Hub.

If your child struggles with transitions, or resists the routines that work for your other kids, it’s not because they’re being difficult – it’s because they need a different approach. This course is designed to help you meet your child’s specific needs, and establish rhythms that work for them:

BEDTIME – 5 minute video, Sleep Ebook
Learn how to create a bedtime routine that works for you and your child. By focusing on connection and security, you can help decrease bedtime anxiety for your child.

SCREENS – 10 minute video, many extra resources
You’ll get tools to educate your kids on the effects of screen time, set clear rules together, and find a healthy balance that works for your family.

CHORES – 13 minute video, many extra resources
Discover the “happiness trifecta” and how it will make chores less of a chore.  You’ll learn how to invite your kids to participate in chores at a young age; cultivating a sense of responsibility, accomplishment, and community.

MEALS – 20 minute audio from a registered dietitian, Picky Eater Ebook
Decrease mealtime power struggles by examining your relationship with food and learn to create a culture of joy around food.