Discipline That Connects Online Course


Registration is OPEN! Don’t miss your opportunity to take this class which begins on October 4th!

Online parenting class designed to tone down the chaos and create a more peaceful home.

That’s Discipline That Connects.


When discipline aims at quick fixes to the behavior, it tends to be:

  • Short-sighted
  • Random
  • Punitive
  • Unpredictable

Kids feel confused, and even emotionally unsafe, because they never know what to expect. And when their brains feel unsafe, they rarely learn what you want them to learn.

But when parents learn to discipline with a grace-filled, long view in mind, their kids develop identity according to God’s grace and truth.

When you complete the course you’ll learn:

  • Four key messages that will shape what your children believe about themselves in a way that make them WANT to behave better.
  • To communicate these four powerful messages in ways your kids can’t miss.
  • How to respond with confidence (not confusion) when your kids act up.
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