How to Grow a Connected Family (book)


Are you longing for less conflict and more connection in your home? This Christian-based parenting book will teach you to parent with a sense of peace and purpose, powerfully communicate unconditional love, discipline with wisdom and confidence, and raise children who thrive in our challenging world!

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If you’re like most parents you sail along until things aren’t working and then look for quick solutions. You search online, listen to podcasts, get advice from friends, and you still can’t seem to grow a culture of peace and connection in your home. You may even put strategies in place that work for a time. But then, a few days or weeks later, issues resurface and you do it all over again as the vicious cycle continues. You can create peace and connection in your home and How to Grow a Connected Family can equip you to do just that.

In How to Grow a Connected Family you’ll learn to:

  • experience profound grace and truth for parenting that transcends the typical “how-to” approaches found in so many Christian parenting books
  • rethink how you see yourself as a parent
  • understand how the way you were parented may or may not help you be the parent you want to be
  • develop a vision for how to stay well-connected to your kids through all developmental phases, even when they misbehave

If you’re ready for more than a “quick fix” guide to parenting, How to Grow a Connected Family will give you practical ideas for how to weave God’s grace and truth into the fabric of everyday life with your children.

For extra impact, buy the accompanying “My Response” workbook. Or lead your small group through the material with a small group leader’s guide!

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Reviews for How to Grow a Connected Family:

How to Grow a Connected Familiy Review

“This book has changed how I parent and has brought peace and understanding into our home. I have read and used many great parenting guides but this is the one that I have used the most. I highly recommend it.” – Mitch

“Best Christian parenting book I’ve ever read! Actually gets to the heart issues and not just surface behavior. Would recommend this book to everyone…even non-christians as it just has great information on actually knowing your child.” – Twinmama

“Really enjoyed this book. Went through it with some other couples & really takes a great approach on connecting with your kids. I find myself using the suggestions in the book to deal with my kids – especially during conflict. No book can tell you how to raise your kids, but this book does give some great insights & suggestions for you as a parent to implement. It does take time & energy by the parent to make it work though.” – Adam R

“I have read so many books about parenting and families and this one really helps capture the essence of what I have been searching for. It is a great guide to helping you connect with your children and build a family that is value-centered, God-centered thus full of love and grace. I am rereading it to try to etch it into my brain and onto my heart so that I can implement the practices as well as possible.” – kdlilie

“Since I finished the book about a month ago, I literally think daily about new ways to apply the principles (Foundation, Connection, Direction, and Correction). I realize that I keep buying these books to find new ways to change my kids. But this book has changed me! I’m more prayerful and thoughtful about how God is present in my daily life with my family and interestingly (though the book talks little about this), at work. I’m more peaceful when I come home to chaos. As I change, so do my kids. Life at home is more pleasant. I’m much more eager to talk about faith issues with my wife and children.” – Growing Dad

“The information in this book is very useful in working with your kids. It is also very useful in all of your other relationships. You will not be disappointed.” – RBath