Grace & Truth for Moms for Small Groups


A five session online course to equip you for resilient, faith-filled parenting. Resilience in tough times, anchored in God’s truth, could be the best legacy you leave behind.

This is the Small Group version of the Grace & Truth for Moms online course. Purchase individual access here

  • LEADERS, purchase a license for each household in your group from 3 to 15.
  • Large group? Contact us to discuss a customized rate.
  • Budget constraints? Fill out this form to discuss a customized price.
  • If you’d like to implement this resource on a large scale, learn more about our Partnership Program.

Learn more about the course in the description section below.

This five-session online course is designed to work as a small group curriculum for a group of 3 or more. Videos can be watched alone or together.

Sessions include…

Session 1: Recognizing Lies Within Me
Session 2: What Is the Real Truth… About Me?
Session 3: What Is the Real Truth… About My Kids?
Session 4: Holding Onto Truth, Even in Hard Times
Session 5: Fighting the Accuser + Fellowship + Prayer

Each session includes 20-25 minutes of course content with discussion questions throughout.

Small Group Leaders…

Purchase a license based on the number of households in your group. As the leader, you will receive an email with the following:

  • Leaders Guide, with tips on how to run a small group.
  • Promotional Materials, including a video, poster, and images to help you market your small group.
  • Worksheet– Everyone in your group needs a copy of the course worksheet. We supply a PDF that you can download and print.
  • Registration Link for Group Members –  This link prompts members to register for the class and has them set up their own account on the community website. They will have access to all the videos and content for the course, even after your class has finished meeting.