Framework Magnet – Set of Five


Buy in bulk and save $1.50 per magnet! These connected parenting magnets are great for small groups who are working through online courses together, baby shower gifts, stocking stuffers, or even to give away to friends and family who want to understand your parenting style a little better.

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Does your child know they are SAFE? And that they are LOVED no matter what? Does your child understand they are CALLED and CAPABLE of whatever God calls them to be? When conflict happens does your child know how to be RESPONSIBLE for making things right? The Connected Families Framework Magnet is a great resource for quick connected parenting reminders during the heat of the moment.

Parenting is complicated. Following an easy-to-remember framework simplifies your parenting and helps you become a more thoughtful, more intentional, parent. Connected families are joyfully connected to Godeach other, and God’s purposes for their lives.

We have a saying at Connected Families that “The refrigerator magnet says it all!” Everything we teach parents flows through the principles in the Connected Families Framework.

When parents learn to put this way of thinking into practice they tell us it puts God’s grace and truth front and center in their homes, and changes them – and their kids – for good!

Whether you are just learning about the Connected Families Framework or have been familiar with it for a long time, this Connected Families Framework magnet is a great visual reminder! When in conflict with your child take a quick look at your fridge and there it is! Need to remove yourself to take a couple of deep breaths? Head to your bathroom where you have the framework magnet on your mirror! During the heat of the moment, the Connected Families Framework Magnet will give you a quick infusion of grace you can then impart on your children.

Learn more about our Framework for Parenting in this short video.