7 Practical Calming Strategies for Kids: The FREE Online Course

A FREE online mini-course recommended for parents of children ages 2-9

Developed by Lynne Jackson, OTR


This course is for you, if…

  • One of your kids feels more sensitive or intense than most kids
  • Your child just can’t seem to calm down when angry, anxious, or overly active
  • You need practical strategies to help your child today

Developed by an Occupational Therapist

Lynne Jackson

Lynne Jackson, OTR, has decades of experience as an occupational therapist working with families and children with sensory challenges. She is also the co-founder of Connected Families, speaker, author, and a parent coach.

In this short course, she takes that experience to introduce seven calming activities you can do with young children.

Lynne Jackson

What’s in this short course?

  • 7 simple sensory-calming and sensory-integrating techniques, demonstrated in video format with Occupational Therapist, Lynne Jackson
  • A PDF document to print and post, so you remember what you’ve learned
  • Links to more free resources as you begin this journey of empowering your child to calm